Montag, 29. Dezember 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

You know that one book you just can't bring yourself to read because of all the fantastic reviews - and once you read it, you get sucked in and you're just like damn?

Yeah, Shadow and Bone is one of these.

Honestly, I didn't expect too much from this book, since everyone on Goodreads has been raving about this since the day it came out. I'm not really someone, who follows the hype, so once I looked at the blurb, I was like meh and tossed it aside. Boy, how wrong I was.

This book has so many wonderful elements I always looked for in fantasy books. Russian culture is something I have been interested in since I read about the Shooting of the Romanov family. 
For the record, I did notice Bardugo has butchered some things like, the gendered family names. It did irked me at first, because there were some characters, who do have gendered family names, and some who don't, and I would've appreciated it more if she had a) stayed true to the whole let's make all female characters have male family names, so we know it's an alternative/fictional Russia anyway or b) gender the names; it takes you literally five minutes to google that shit, plus you can stay true to Russian culture.
Fortunately the German version (which I read first) corrected the names, so it didn't bother me that much. The rest of Russian culture very much resembled that of Ravka's, and Bardugo's writing sure did help. I loved her style of describing without verbally giving away the meaning. Surprisingly there were many parallels to the real world like the infamous silk road and the territories of Nordic countries and China, just with other names, but they stayed true to their reputations of the past. By bringing in the Tsarian reign, Bardugo also reflected the facaded glory of Imperial Russia beautifully, although she notably did show the shady side of it.

Which brings me to the Elite Force of the Tsar, the Grisha. Although it does sound like a Hogwarts knock-off, once you really read it through, it is completely different. The Grisha are on a fantastic level on their own, since they are each born with different powers and are grouped by their respective abilities. They support the general society by aiding them in military etc., which is an interesting change to the whole hide-and-seek theme most of YA fantasy has going on.

The main character Alina wasn't as annoying as I expected her to be. Since she hails from the mundane military's cartography squad, she has some sense of duty and responsibility, and although she was weak at first, she accepts her flaws and works on it - diligently. She  does have the whole Chosen One with Unique Powers No One Ever Had For Like Everthing going on, she does some pretty kickass things in order to (SPOILER) escape from Os Alta. At the beginning Alina is naive and timid, but that makes her human and I love that she even grows out of her shell.
Her two 'love interests' were fine at best. Honestly, I couldn't see how the relationship between Alina and the Darkling developed so fast; they had zero chemistry and I'm glad they (SPOILER) turned it into a facade very soon. Mal was cute and faithful, but painfully bland. 
Although it has much girl-hate going on, I seriously loved the female characters. They were all awesome and beautiful and kickass and I wish Alina could have end up with one of them, but that's just me wishing for a lesbian main character for once.
Notably, the villains and heroes have four-dimensional characters. No one seemed to stay on the good or bad side for a long time, and I was (pleasantly) surprised as the story unfolded.

Alina's journey from traveling as a plain cartographer through the Shadow Fold (and failing) to being a honorable Grisha in the Little Palace to at last traveling through the Shadow Fold again (but succesfully) as a wanted criminal, was very entertaining. The characters were, although some very clichéd, surprisingly likeable because of their multifaceted personalities and motives. I adore Bardugo's writing; Shadow and Bone an easy read without giving too much detail. Show, don't tell is really something I missed in YA literature and I'm glad she took use of it and crafted the beautiful mental scenery and atmosphere that is Ravka. The ending resolved most of the shallow problems, but left me hanging for the second book which I actually already read whoops, couldn't help it.

I really should have picked up this book earlier. Stupid, STUPID Nana of the past! Don't listen to your hipster conscience!

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

My finals are mostly over and this review has been long overdue! I hope to get into regular blogging by next week, so bear with this choppy review of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater for the time being.

Once upon a time, 12-year-old me stumbled across an article in a teen magazine. An older Cedric Diggory and a pretty girl were pictured on it, holding each other in a way teens might find it 'sexy'. Reading the article, little me quickly became interested: it was about vampires falling in love with humans. Back then when little me just got out of my weeaboo phase, I loved just everything supernatural-related - and with Twilight being at its height of fame, little me was bound to fall in love with the saga. So little me immediately devoured and obsessed about all five of the books, without even spending a thought about any of the many flaws of Meyer's writing.
Now, being an adult, I wish I could slap the hell of little me. Because after rereading the saga so many times, I find that I discover more and more flaws and problems in the books. At some points in the book I wanted to smash my head into a wall. Or Stephenie Meyer's.

So after reading Shiver, I wish I could've given little me this book to read instead of Twilight.

By all means, no, Shiver is not perfect. But it succeded in most cases Twilight managed to fail (and there are a lot!).

First, the plot: It is your typical mousy girl living in a rainy town in good ol' Merica. Suddenly she finds herself in the live of a supernatural creature living with some kind of adoptive family.
Sounds familiar? It is basically the same plot as Twilight. But that's the point in Stiefvater's writing: It's very character-driven. Even if not to an extend as The Raven Boys, Stiefvater succeded to make the story being controlled by the characters, rather than the characters being controlled by the story, albeit its cheesy clichéd plot.

The story mainly focuses on the two protagonists Grace and Sam with their respective POVs. Grace is the kind of heroine, who does everything by herself and is independent kind of. Her parents are always either away or straight out ignoring her, because they are supposed to be 'childish'. But I find this portrayal of  parents quite unrealistic; sure there are some parents who ignore their kids, but not to this ignorant, selfish extend as Grace's. Otherwise Grace is pretty much bland, but still has more personality than some *ahem* other YA heroines will ever have. Sam on the other hand does have more personality, but I'm not sure if it is for better or worse. He trails on the border between romantic and downright cheese-creeps. This may be my personal opinion, but do boys really make up song lyrics everytime they do a thing? Because that's what Sam does; even when he's picking up some clothes he reveals his inner Ed Sheeran. Shudders.

Like previously said, the book is not perfect. Although we are introduced to quite a few characters, we never really get to know anyone besides Sam and Grace. There is a good amount of girl-bitching and shallow female relationships. The main character's parents are as good as non-existent.The ending was satisfying enough to read Shiver as a standalone book, but did not make me want to read the sequel.

It is still a better option for twelve-year-old me.

3.4 out of 5 stars.

Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan


What can I say? After years of patiently waiting we finally reached the end of this wonderful series. But this doesn't mean the ending was great or even satisfying.

The Synopsis
On their final quest to defeat evil godmother (literallly) Gaea our seven demigods sail to Greece where everything has started. At the same time Nico and Reyna are on their way to Camp Half-Blood to deliver the great Athena Parthenon statue, for it should settle the blood-stained past of Greek and Roman demigods. But are they able to do it just in time before the rise of Gaea?

To be straight, I was (still am) so disappointed with this book. There was so much build-up in the four books before; all the prophecies and promises... where did it all go? 

See, I am not an evil person who only paints books in a bad light. In fact I'm doing all of this ranting of awful things because I loved this series so much, that the ending felt undeserved for both the characters and the readers. By knowing the characters for four years (and some even longer), I felt that the given ending was unjustified and rushed. To be fair, I just finished the book yesterday, so my feelings may be a bit strong in this review. I don't even think this can be called a review, rather a rant from a disappointed year-long reader.

Sigh. Let's get over it, shall we?

The POVs
The book was written from five perspectives: Jason, Leo, Piper, Nico and Reyna. This was problematic from the beginning. Not only did we get way too much coverage from Nico and Reyna's quest to bring back the Athena Parthenon, we also didn't get anything from Frank, Hazel, Annabeth and Percy - who are our main characters in the first place. This book was supposed to be about the seven demigods of the prophecy, so why did I feel like they were nothing more than background characters in this book? They didn't feel special anymore. They didn't even feel important to the plot anymore. We barely got any metions of Percy and Annabeth; I didn't even notice Hazel and Frank in this book. This book is about them. I expected them to at least narrate for the very last time. 
Belive me when I say I love Reyna like the whole fandom does but, hell no, I wasn't interested in reading from her perspective. Reyna's POV was completely unnecessary. Her actions could easily be covered by Nico; I don't get what Riordan wanted to achieve with her POV.

The Characters (or the lack thereof)
Where were our seven main characters? I felt like this book was only about Jason, Leo and Piper. I get that the series started with them and should end with them too. But unfortunately this was poorly handled. With the lack of the four others, the whole prophecy seemed unimportant and even foolish. Why did they even need seven demigods when Jason, Leo and Piper saved the world on their own? We also got to see Thalia and her Hunters and even the Amazons again, but we never got an explanation what happened after the battle with Orion. Did they survive? Were they hiding?
Fortunately there was no bad case of OCC-ness here or believe me I would rage. There is definitely some character development, especially in our new heroes, but it was expected from a Rick Riordan book.

The Deaths (or also the lack thereof)
One of the biggest things I am disappointed with. There was so much hype about who is gonna die in the last book and like we all know from PJO, Rick loves to kill his characters. Believe me when I say I hate the whole killing strive authors have, but deaths are necessary and sometimes even essentially to a plot. PJO broke me with its deaths, especially the redeeming ones. But without it, the series would lose its moral. 
But in HOO? We got nothing of those. The series was all about the Roman way of life; the sacrifices and sense of duty it takes to be a Roman (in contrast to the Greeks in PJO). My biggest bet was on Frank or Hazel. Frank, because of his strong sense of duty and knowledge of sacrifice and also his vulnerable life on a stick (literally). Hazel, because, well, she was already dead and was brought to life again, and we all know how that ends. People aren't supposed to walk opn earth again once they're dead. It's just not natural. So naturally I assumed they would both die. 
But instead? We got Leo not actually dying. Octavian's death was a mess. He never got the chance to redeem himself; he was just deemed as overly mad. Bryce' death was unexpected and confusing, I still don't understand how Nico can turn a human body into a soul. Many of the Amazons and the Hunters got killed, but it was never mentioned again afterwards.
There was just nothing to grieve about.

The Missed Potentials
This is the very last book in a this series. We will never get another book about Percy, Annabeth & co. again. So why didn't we get an awesometastic spectacular ending? The book was supposed to contain the BIG fight against Gaea and the giants. Instead the prophecy wasn't even mentioned again. I expected them to explain every prophecy like they did with the PJO books but in the end it didn't even matter. The grand build-up in the last four books with Frank's important sense of duty and sacrifice, Hazel's cheating of death, Jason's confusion of his camp loyalities, Piper gluing the team together and Leo's lack of human bonds faded away.
Again, we never got something out of this series focal point of the Roman way. First we got nothing of the sense of duty Frank is supposed to have. It could easily be a conflict point with Percy's fatal flaw, loyality. Like Athena said in The Titan's Curse:
"You do not know when it is time to cut your losses. To save a friend, you would sacrifice the world."
I thought this could turn interesting, since we already know how Percy thinks of it as not being fatal, although he was warned again and again by different gods. It could give us the dark side of Percy's heroism. 
The fact that Romans' main emphasis is cohesion and cooperation in a fight as opposed to the Greeks' solo heroism could have been intriguing, too. Sigh.

The Ending
The fight with Gaea felt... unsatisfying. There was no real struggle; it felt way too easy. With only Jason, Leo and Piper defeating her, the prophecy felt laughable. So many things were not explained afterwards: What happened to Gaea after she was exploded, what Apollo's penalty would be (I seriously felt bad for him), what the fates of the Hunters and the Amazons were, why Frank's stick suddenly felt so unimportant... 
Everyone thought Leo was dead. So why did no one but Jason and Piper grieve? There was no funeral pyre, no mention of anything. Leo's fate wasn't handled any better; how was it possible for Calypso to just leave her island? How did he even get there so fast? He was unconcious (or dead) for three days on a flying dragon? What?

The Romance
It was barely there in this book, which is a plus, since Riordan tends to distract the reader with it from eventual plot holes. Which in this case were a lot to cover. Usually Riordan is pretty neat with waving the strings together, but I feel like ever since Leo's and Calypso's sudden insta-lurve in HoH, he forgot what made Percabeth such a success: its slow and steady growth from friendship to love. Nico's sudden attraction with Will Solace (and vice versa) came also out of nowhere.

The book as a standalone is actually quite solid, but for a mighty Rick Riordan book it was very disappointing. Especially that it is the very last book and there wouldn't be any other chance to recover the damage that is done. I give it 3.2 out of 5 stars.

One of the little things I was excited about was Annabeth's connection to Riordan's upcoming book series' main character Magnus Chase. Hopefully he will not let me down with his retelling of Norse myth (we all know how that ended up in Marvel's hands); his Egyptian myth book series is spectacular as always.

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top New Series I Want To Start

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. They have lots of interesting ideas for every week, so make sure to check them out!

This week's topic is Top New Series I Want To Start. It got me particulary interested because: Firstly, I decided to blog a bit more than a few times in a year. Secondly, I also decided to write more about books, since it is all I got into reading again this year. And thirdly, there are so many books on my to-be-read pile (around 200!) so why not organize them to keep track on my goodreads shelf disaster.

I have no particular order in my lists, but the very first one is usually the one I'm interested in the most.

1. The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa
I've been obsessed with fey/faeries recently (thanks to City of Heavenly Fire!), so I've been searching for a good fey book and with this I even get a whole series deal! The plot sounds basically the same as any other YA book series: Girl feels like she doesn't fit in, girl finds out she isn't who she thought she is, girl saves the world with a happy-go-lucky sidekick and a brooding love interest. Nonetheless I'm still looking forward to it, since its sequel series looks a bit more interesting (but of course I need to read the original series first!). I plan to buy the complete collection next month or at least when I get my paycheck, so fingers crossed!

2. The Daughter of Smoke & Bone series by Laini Taylor
If you keep track on my goodreads account you've probably have seen, that  I'm actually reading it right now! When I first heard of this series, there was much hype about the characters and the author. But being the pessimistic reader I was then, I wasn't really intrigued by the premise of an angel and a demon falling in love. It came to me as too clichéd, so I never even passed it a glance. But with the time I really came to hate the typical YA characters, so I was looking for some with unique traits and what did I find? This series. So might as well as give it a try. Also the cover of the german edition (which I'm reading because I borrowed it) is absolutely gorgeous!

3. The Shiver Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater
As you might know I absolutely LOVE Maggie Stiefvater, and her writing style in particular. She just has this unique easiness with her words you can't find anywhere. I already read her standalone book The Scorpio Races (which I also reviewed) and this was when I first fell in love with her books. So with TSC and The Raven Boys already read (which I also give props for its unique plot and setting), I decided to pick up her most famous series yet. I was very reluctant to read this, because the plot very much sounds like a Twilight Fanfiction, and I didn't want to ruin my view of her works and capabilities. But my friends have been bugging me to read this for the longest time, so I finally went ahead and picked it up yesterday. Review to come!

4. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
I know what you think, 'NANA HAS NOT READ HARRY POTTER? DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!'. Don't worry my friends already yelled these words at me enough to finally get the first book. To my defense, I watched all the movies, sans the very last one because that's when my DVD player broke, so it's not like I know nothing about the wizardry world. Years ago, I actually read the first book but I can't remember anymore. Coincidentally (or maybe it is fate?) I went to the flea market quite often this summer, and guess what I got for only one buck? The first book in all its first printed glory! So of course I read it in like three days, and I'm already planning to get the whole collection - when I saved up enough money of course :P

5. Divergent by Veronic Roth
I watched the movie and while the plot didn't really make me obsess about it like THG, I find the world and its system really interesting, so I might want to read it as a book. This series was also recommended by my best friend, who literally cannot shut up about it.

6. The Magisterium series by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black
A book written by one of my favorite authors? And it's about a boarding school of magic? With a female POC as one of the main characters? That's an instant YES from me, nothing else. I don't care about the comparisons to Harry Potter, I just want this freaking book! (On a side note: I've never read about an Iranian character before, so that's a huge bonus interest point for me!)

7. The Seraphina books by Rachel Hartmann
Dragons AND kickass queens AND math? An odd combination but it sounds like an interesting premise!

8. The Curse Workers series by Holly Black
I tried to listen to the audiobook but it was horribly cut, so I mght as well try to read it. Also, it's Holly Black, fight me.

9. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner
I actually read the first half of the first book, but gave up, because I didn't like the main character. But last friday I watched the movie (Dylan O'brien! Ki Hong Lee!) with my friends and it totally got me hooked again! Hopefully it will turn out better than what I've yet read. *fingers crossed*

10. Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman
These books are not the usual type of YA fiction; you can probably categorize it into dystopian fiction, but actually not really. It deals with a reverse world, in which the Whites are the oppressed people and the Blacks are privileged. I think, this is an interesting form of social commentary or rather critic. With my never-ending urge to discuss racism (I just wrote a whole essay about it yesterday) I feel like this book has been written for me to think upside down.

So this makes my top 10 (new) book series! I'm sorry for the amount of rather old series, but I feel like they deserve a mention in this list.
What are your favorite new book series you want to start? Comment down below and let me know, I would love to read your suggestions! Also, if you already did this week's meme, feel free to link me to your blog, I will most definitely check it out.


Freitag, 29. August 2014

Short Summer Break Update

Hey y'all!

I'm really sorry for the lack of blogposts lately as if I've ever had updated my blog frequently heh, I was pretty busy with summer break (, which started on August 31st,). By busy I mean catching up with some old friends, eating, sleeping until late and being generally the lazy ass I actually am.

I also started baking some new recipes, which... didn't even turn out that bad.

Well, see for yourself!

My very first one. It was actually really good, only the apples seemed to be a bit dry.

That's my second attempt. I tried out braiding style (I saw a tutorial on Tumblr about it) and it ended up pretty good too! Compared to the others this was really crispy, but my mom liked it.

I baked this together with the previous one, but strangely this turned out to be rather wet. I had to bake it again for 5 minutes until it became crispy. The baking tin I just had bought it the day before at TK Maxx for like, 3 Euros.

I know these are all variations of apple pies, but there's a reason behind that. Maybe I'll blog about it. It has something to do with slugs and lighthouses LOL. But it was fun trying them out nevertheless. I would love to bake more, but our I can't seem to find any other interesting recipes. 

Any ideas?

Tomorrow I'll be going to Groningen, Netherlands, for the whole day with two friends. We've been planning this trip for weeks already, so I'm pretty excited! Although it's not that far from where I live... around two hours away maybe?

I'll definitely blog about my trip, since I've been planning to take some photos with my old camera anyway!

Until then!


Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking... She finally updates her blog after 3 months with a book review??!?
I can't believe it either, HA. But here I am, talking about this freaking book because it is just so. good.
Let's get started, shall we?

First of all, the cover:
It looks gorgeous, doesn't it? Way better than Maggie's other covers.

To be honest, I didn't really read the book; I stumbled upon the audiobook version in my local library while I had a free period and after hearing so many good things about Maggie Stiefvater's writing I thought why the heck not. Usually I don't really listen to audio books (mainly because I only heard one and the narration was awful) but I thought I would give it a try. My friend (who was also at the library then) always tells me to listen to audiobooks, since it's a good method to catch up on books while being busy (which I admit, I am often lately... finals and stuff D:).
Surprisingly the narration wasn't as bad as I expected. The book was narrated by two narrators from two POVs: our heroes Sean Kendrick and Kate "Puck" Connolly.

The Scorpio Races is based on the eich uisce (I had to google that, apparently they are Celtic water horses), who live in the ocean near the fictional little island Thisby. Every year the localscapture these horses to participate at the Scorpio Races, basically horse races at the beach. The story revolves around Sean Kendrick, a fourth time winner, and Kate "Puck" Connolly, a rookie. Both having their own reasons to participate in this race, they eventually get to know each other... 
Basically, it's a story about man-eating horses and some human drama :)

Can I just get a HELL YEAH for no insta-love? It just gets so rare in the YA-wonderland, I'm going to cry. The relationship between the main characters is well-developed; there is no instant love at first sight, which I really appreciate. Slowly developed relationships are just a guilty pleasure of mine, mainly because I can't get around the idea of being romantically attracted at first glance - it's just impossible for me to imagine. For me, to love someone is to know him/her first, and you can't do that in 0.2 seconds.

Kate is not your typical YA heroine: She's not "badass" in the traditional sense, meaning she doesn't actively kicks ass or is stronger than our male hero. But instead she's just really fun and snarky without being labelled as "dumb". Since her parents were murdered by the capaill uisce, she's also incredibly loyal to her two brothers: her older brother wanting to escape their home island while she's left, caring for her younger brother. So in order to get him to stay a bit longer in Thrisby, she decides to participate in the Scorpio Races - but with a normal .... 
Through the whole story she gets so much sexist crap from the locals, since she's the first woman to ever participate in the race, that I can't help but admire her positive attitude. She's just so lovable. 
Why she decides to be called Puck instead of her real name Kate is beyond me, but that's another story.

Meanwhile Sean Kendrick seems like your typical YA angsty hero with a dark past, but WAIT! He also has a warm side towards his capaill uisce and actually treats Puck with respect... what?! Yes, that's right, our main hero is not abusive, sexist or degrading towards his girl! Can I just get a round of applause for Maggie? I just love how she handles his character and how he gets to know and be in love with Puck. There's nothing special that binds them, just your average real life!couple development without some soulmates bullshit - maybe that's why I appreciate it. He just seems like your average 19-year-old in love. 
While being subtly sweet towards Puck, Sean also has a rather blunt, but closed-up personality. Some may not really like it, but I think it works really well in this little world Maggie created; after deaths and deaths by those killer water horses, there's really nothing to sugarcoat.

Speaking of little world, Maggie manages to pull off the atmosphere of Thrisby without overcaking it. She just really has a constant descriptive writing style, in which I personally can imagine it existing somewhere in the world. 
The whole book comes to me more like a coming of age story, rather than a YA book. The characters exist with a reason: For example the American whose name I forgot who seems to be always around Sean. His existence, I believe, was to remind the reader of the huge difference between Thrisby and the mainland (which is not mentioned directly, I just assumed he was American). Same goes with other characters, whose existence always serve a purpose... when would you see that in a modern YA book? The way Maggie handles her characters reminds me of coming of age books from the 19th century (like Great Expectations). The book in general has a rather timeless feel to it; If I would read the book again in 10-20 years and I definitely would've still enjoyed it.

I give this book 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Actually I plan to get a physical copy, since it's a YA book that I really enjoyed, but sadly my wallet doesn't always agree with my plans... There are so many books I plan to buy, but do I shit money? 
Sadly, no. 

On the side note, how did you enjoy my little book review? I know it's nothing professional, since I am neither a writer myself nor do I have great experience in reviewing books, but it was really fun putting all my thoughts of this book into words. The review was actually long overdue, I finished The Scorpio Races almost two weeks ago. I may or may not continue with these reviews/talks, depending on my mood and whether I read any books or not, since my I should be studying for my finals right now instead of procastinating as always.
Until then you can follow me on my goodreads account, which is my latest daily addiction for avoiding boredom or work haha.

For the next days there should be a blogpost about the World Cup coming up, also possibly about my korean boygroups other guilty pleasures.

Until then, Nana out!

Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

Spring Break So Far and My Upcoming Performance

AT LAST spring break has finally come and I've never thought I'd come to appreciate a little free time :'D

So far I've just been practising, practising, practising for the upcoming musical performance on April 12th. It's going to be combined with some sort of Indonesian Night, which is really clever, I guess. Also, it means free food for me, which is always a plus. 

Our musical piece is based on on a legend of the origin of the 1000 temples in Prambanan, Central Java. It's surprisingly not a fairy tale-ish story; there's much betrayal, blood and other cruel things.

We've been practising weekly for two months already, and I hope I won't mess up because so far it seems like my moves are still not graceful enough for traditional dance. And during spring break practise starts at 7.30 till 5 in the afternoon so there has been not much free time for me, unfortunately, huh.
But it's been a lot of fun and I'll definitely miss these times together, with all the other indonesian students of the community. I got to know so many fun people, I sincerely hope that we will come together again sometime. 
On a side note, I just found out that my dance teacher is also coming to the Arctic Monkeys concert with some other community students. I never knew AM was that popular with indonesian students :)

The weather was unfortunately not on my side: on the second day of spring break the climate went from a sunny twenty degrees Celsius to a rainy, foggy hailstorm. Yep, that's German weather for you. But nevertheless me and some other girls of the community went for a walk in the Bürgerpark.

Other than just walking around and feeding ducks in such a shitty weather we also went to the free animal park nearby. But inmidst of petting some baby goats it suddenly started to hail so we needed to take cover under a littly hay pavillon.
Isn't this house nice? So cozy and romantic looking.
We alson saw a peacock, which is actually what the style of dance I'll peform on Saturday is called. Doesn't this creature look masjetic?
That was it so far for exciting things that happened during my break. Other than that nothing spectaculary happened. Well, on the first day I spontanuously decided to crash at my best friend's house but that's about it.

See you soon!

xoxo Luna

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Winter Olympics Make Me Pumped

So this year I decided to watch the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and damn.

Watching them doing their best and dedicating all their energy and life to their passion makes me motivated about sports. I mean seriously, many of the athletes are in their 20s or even late teen years. That's so impressive. Comparing what I do now (going to high school) they've been participating in competitions since their early teens, particulary figure skaters. 

Here I'm going to do a little introduction to some of my favorite athletes:

Kim Yuna

She's my absolute favorite figure skater. Born in 1990, she has been participating in figure skating competitions since 2002 and has not finished any worse than 3rd place in her entire carreer. If that's not gonna impress you then I don't know what will. Yuna (Kim is her family name, in Korea you put your family name in the front) also won gold at the Winter Olympics in 2010, Vancouver, by breaking the world record. She's one of the most respected persons in South Korea, having the probably biggest non-music related fandom. Also, she's gorgeous and flawless and we all love her. But it is said that this years olympics is the last one she will be participating in, she said earlier this year (or last year, idk anymore) that she'll be retiring after Sochi2014 and will try to get into the International Olympics Committee. Her competition for Ladies' Short Program will start at the 19th.

Yuzuru Hanyu
You most probably know about him - through tumblr, twitter or whatever. The ice prince from Sendai, Japan has been one of the hottest trends in the last few weeks. Born in 1994, he's the second youngest athlete to compete in men's figure skating this year. He has been a rising prodigy since 2012; he could even start earlier but due the Tohoku earthquake he wasn't able to train properly in 2011. He moved to Canada in late 2011 to train with Brian Orser, Kim Yuna's former trainer. According to ISU 2013 he currently sits on 1st place of world figure skating. With his short program earlier this week he even broke the world record and just yesterday he won gold in Men's Figure Skating (Short and Free Program combined). Although his Free Program was kind of jerky (I'm blaming his asthma here, Free Programs were never his strength), he certainly deserves the gold medal. By having a rather weak body condition and asthma he's really someone who is worth looking up to. 

Patrick Chan
Probably Yuzuru's biggest rival, Patrick narrowly lost to him by 0.54 points, occupying second place. Born in 1990, he also has been skating since 1995, where he initially wanted to take figure skating classes to be better in ice hockey. He has been world champion in figure skating for three years straight. Being from Hong Kong descent, he's one of the non-white athletes to represent Canada. Also, he's such a dork and the whole FS fandom ships him with Kim Yuna ever since they paired up for a peformance back in 2011.

Sage Kotsenburg
Born in 1993, Sage is one of the youngest athletes chosen to represent the USA. He's known for having his own mind and acting impulsively, which ultimatively led him to his gold medal in Men's Slopestyle snowboarding by doing a trick, which he had decided on the night before. He also decided to go to the Olympics just in December, having almost no experience at all. A genius like him appears just one in a million. I'd love to see him in more competitions though. Also, Sage is one of the funniest and bubbliest athletes I've ever known :D

And that's it for today's athletes! I might do a round two, but I'll see... :)

Back to the topic: Seeing all these athletes makes me want to excel in a sport too! By not having an artistic talent (besides acting maybe) I hope I could at least be good in sports. Fortunately I've been doing different sports in my whole life, so I know, dancing is the best for me. It's something I found my passion in and I hope I can get better, because I know, I'm still not a great dancer. I still have a looong way to go.

xoxo Nana

Montag, 10. Februar 2014

who is nana?

A young, sophomore student with too many thoughts and too little brain.

A curious immigrated Asian living in Germany and dealing with two clashing cultures.

A certain someone, dreaming of nothing particular.

Just another girl.

This is Nana. Nana is me.