Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Winter Olympics Make Me Pumped

So this year I decided to watch the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and damn.

Watching them doing their best and dedicating all their energy and life to their passion makes me motivated about sports. I mean seriously, many of the athletes are in their 20s or even late teen years. That's so impressive. Comparing what I do now (going to high school) they've been participating in competitions since their early teens, particulary figure skaters. 

Here I'm going to do a little introduction to some of my favorite athletes:

Kim Yuna

She's my absolute favorite figure skater. Born in 1990, she has been participating in figure skating competitions since 2002 and has not finished any worse than 3rd place in her entire carreer. If that's not gonna impress you then I don't know what will. Yuna (Kim is her family name, in Korea you put your family name in the front) also won gold at the Winter Olympics in 2010, Vancouver, by breaking the world record. She's one of the most respected persons in South Korea, having the probably biggest non-music related fandom. Also, she's gorgeous and flawless and we all love her. But it is said that this years olympics is the last one she will be participating in, she said earlier this year (or last year, idk anymore) that she'll be retiring after Sochi2014 and will try to get into the International Olympics Committee. Her competition for Ladies' Short Program will start at the 19th.

Yuzuru Hanyu
You most probably know about him - through tumblr, twitter or whatever. The ice prince from Sendai, Japan has been one of the hottest trends in the last few weeks. Born in 1994, he's the second youngest athlete to compete in men's figure skating this year. He has been a rising prodigy since 2012; he could even start earlier but due the Tohoku earthquake he wasn't able to train properly in 2011. He moved to Canada in late 2011 to train with Brian Orser, Kim Yuna's former trainer. According to ISU 2013 he currently sits on 1st place of world figure skating. With his short program earlier this week he even broke the world record and just yesterday he won gold in Men's Figure Skating (Short and Free Program combined). Although his Free Program was kind of jerky (I'm blaming his asthma here, Free Programs were never his strength), he certainly deserves the gold medal. By having a rather weak body condition and asthma he's really someone who is worth looking up to. 

Patrick Chan
Probably Yuzuru's biggest rival, Patrick narrowly lost to him by 0.54 points, occupying second place. Born in 1990, he also has been skating since 1995, where he initially wanted to take figure skating classes to be better in ice hockey. He has been world champion in figure skating for three years straight. Being from Hong Kong descent, he's one of the non-white athletes to represent Canada. Also, he's such a dork and the whole FS fandom ships him with Kim Yuna ever since they paired up for a peformance back in 2011.

Sage Kotsenburg
Born in 1993, Sage is one of the youngest athletes chosen to represent the USA. He's known for having his own mind and acting impulsively, which ultimatively led him to his gold medal in Men's Slopestyle snowboarding by doing a trick, which he had decided on the night before. He also decided to go to the Olympics just in December, having almost no experience at all. A genius like him appears just one in a million. I'd love to see him in more competitions though. Also, Sage is one of the funniest and bubbliest athletes I've ever known :D

And that's it for today's athletes! I might do a round two, but I'll see... :)

Back to the topic: Seeing all these athletes makes me want to excel in a sport too! By not having an artistic talent (besides acting maybe) I hope I could at least be good in sports. Fortunately I've been doing different sports in my whole life, so I know, dancing is the best for me. It's something I found my passion in and I hope I can get better, because I know, I'm still not a great dancer. I still have a looong way to go.

xoxo Nana

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