Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

Spring Break So Far and My Upcoming Performance

AT LAST spring break has finally come and I've never thought I'd come to appreciate a little free time :'D

So far I've just been practising, practising, practising for the upcoming musical performance on April 12th. It's going to be combined with some sort of Indonesian Night, which is really clever, I guess. Also, it means free food for me, which is always a plus. 

Our musical piece is based on on a legend of the origin of the 1000 temples in Prambanan, Central Java. It's surprisingly not a fairy tale-ish story; there's much betrayal, blood and other cruel things.

We've been practising weekly for two months already, and I hope I won't mess up because so far it seems like my moves are still not graceful enough for traditional dance. And during spring break practise starts at 7.30 till 5 in the afternoon so there has been not much free time for me, unfortunately, huh.
But it's been a lot of fun and I'll definitely miss these times together, with all the other indonesian students of the community. I got to know so many fun people, I sincerely hope that we will come together again sometime. 
On a side note, I just found out that my dance teacher is also coming to the Arctic Monkeys concert with some other community students. I never knew AM was that popular with indonesian students :)

The weather was unfortunately not on my side: on the second day of spring break the climate went from a sunny twenty degrees Celsius to a rainy, foggy hailstorm. Yep, that's German weather for you. But nevertheless me and some other girls of the community went for a walk in the Bürgerpark.

Other than just walking around and feeding ducks in such a shitty weather we also went to the free animal park nearby. But inmidst of petting some baby goats it suddenly started to hail so we needed to take cover under a littly hay pavillon.
Isn't this house nice? So cozy and romantic looking.
We alson saw a peacock, which is actually what the style of dance I'll peform on Saturday is called. Doesn't this creature look masjetic?
That was it so far for exciting things that happened during my break. Other than that nothing spectaculary happened. Well, on the first day I spontanuously decided to crash at my best friend's house but that's about it.

See you soon!

xoxo Luna

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