Freitag, 29. August 2014

Short Summer Break Update

Hey y'all!

I'm really sorry for the lack of blogposts lately as if I've ever had updated my blog frequently heh, I was pretty busy with summer break (, which started on August 31st,). By busy I mean catching up with some old friends, eating, sleeping until late and being generally the lazy ass I actually am.

I also started baking some new recipes, which... didn't even turn out that bad.

Well, see for yourself!

My very first one. It was actually really good, only the apples seemed to be a bit dry.

That's my second attempt. I tried out braiding style (I saw a tutorial on Tumblr about it) and it ended up pretty good too! Compared to the others this was really crispy, but my mom liked it.

I baked this together with the previous one, but strangely this turned out to be rather wet. I had to bake it again for 5 minutes until it became crispy. The baking tin I just had bought it the day before at TK Maxx for like, 3 Euros.

I know these are all variations of apple pies, but there's a reason behind that. Maybe I'll blog about it. It has something to do with slugs and lighthouses LOL. But it was fun trying them out nevertheless. I would love to bake more, but our I can't seem to find any other interesting recipes. 

Any ideas?

Tomorrow I'll be going to Groningen, Netherlands, for the whole day with two friends. We've been planning this trip for weeks already, so I'm pretty excited! Although it's not that far from where I live... around two hours away maybe?

I'll definitely blog about my trip, since I've been planning to take some photos with my old camera anyway!

Until then!