Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Life Update and A Happy International Women's Day

Hello lovelies!

I know, I promised to blog more this year, but because of my final paper it kind of fell flat. School kept me busy and lethargic at the same time. It almost got to the point where I forgot to eat regularly, but thank god for my friends always looking out for me. :)
Though I have to present my thesis on Tuesday, which means... more blogging (hopefully)!

As today is the International Women's Day (a holiday which actually has a cause!), I thought it would be appropriate to leave you with one of my favorite discussion topics: feminism.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a wonderful, inspiring woman many of you may already know through her cameo in Beyoncé's song ***Flawless. Just because 30 seconds of quoting her makes her any less legit than the entire TED talk she did about "why "we all should be feminists":
In her TED talk Adichie talks about her discover of being a feminist without even knowing what the word is and what it actually means. Since the word 'feminist' has a weirdly negative association - which is utter bullshit, though we do live a patriachial egoistic society, so that's the deal - she challenges the audience to define the word as it is and how it can abolish limits some of us may not be aware of.

It is sad, that many people do not know the definition of a feminism and think of it as some man-hating, crazy women's movement. The saddest thing is that actually many women don't want to be associated as a feminist, may it be because they don't know the real defnition of it or just think of men as 'better' and 'easier' people.

Instead of fighting each other, especially we women, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and cisness, need to stand together as sister. That way feminism can and will be taken seriously, rather than a trivial issue, just because some misled women and men may think that way.

The first step would to educate people who need to be educated. Though it is important that we do not belittle or attack them for their lack of knowledge. People learn something new every day. Some may not had the opportunity to gain or bother with this issue ever. Therefore it is even more important to share videos like these or even Beyonce's song, which can lead to a interest sparking in people.

I genuinely think people with a sense of compassion and justice would be feminist. At the end that is what feminsim is about: the equality of the sexes*.

Happy International Women's Day!


*which also includes genderfluid/neutral/queer peers


  1. Happy International Women's Day! I really hate how people refuse to call themselves feminists because they think it means hating men. All it means is they want equality for women and men.

    1. Hi Cynthia!
      I know right? This is how the 'Meninism' movement actually became a real thing -.- At the end we do strive for the same goals, to a certain degree 'meninists' are feminists before they become onlly mysogynistic f*ckboys.

  2. LOVELY post! I've never heard Adichie speak so I am enthusiastically watching this TED Talk.

    It's unfortunate that feminism has such a negative association, but I think there is more progress in the world year after year, with more women AND MEN bringing equality problems to the table.


    1. Hi Amber!
      You're right, of course. Fingers crossed that some politicians will take the hint too ;)