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JANUARY RECAP 2016: New Year, New Me (Or So)

Moin lovelies!

This monthly recap is going to be a new segment that keeps me (hopefully) anchored to blogging more frequently and not abandoning the block for a good half of the year like last year. In fact, I still don't really know how to structure it, so I might as well ramble straight on.

I went to Berlin for a few days with my history class earlier this month. Of course, out of all cities to choose from we just had to go to the city where it was even colder than where I live (northern part of Germany). Admittedly, I am not really interested in German history, because we never do anything else than Nazism and the Cold War/East/West Germany since 7th grade. You can only take so much stupidity from history before it gets on your nerves, but that's beside the point. Anyway, we visited some underground bunker (and it was surprisingly warmer than up on the surface!) and other gruesome memorials/museums, showing humanity at its lowest point. Needless to say, it wasn't the most fun trip I ever had, but at least it was educational enough to compensate for the two school days we were missing.

January meant the beginning of the new KDrama season, so I did try a couple of dramas. I was the most excited for Cheese in the Trap, because I read the webtoon before, but strangely, I didn't continue past episode 4. Maybe because I already know the plot? Whatever, I do hope to pick it up someday though.
Moorim School is a comical combination of goosebump-inducing cringe and Hogwarts - it's just straight up weird. But I am oddly entertained by the drama, even though I have to pause every five minutes to shake off the cheesiness. Also, my sister forces me to watch every episode with her, since our tastes in dramas so scarcely overlap, and she takes the most fun from my hyena-screeching reactions to this ridiculousness.
Signal was another drama I looked forward to ever since it was announced - amd it did not disappoint. It gives off the I Remember You vibe I missed so much. Plus, Lee Jee-hoon is such a charming actor, regardless of how people call out his 'over'-acting. He just does the desperate, naive male lead so well.
Li Yi Feng is such a charmer, and luckily I found out about his webdrama The Lost Tomb just days before it got finally licensed by Viki after half a year of waiting. It has an Indiana Jones kind of plot and my baby fits the curious male lead so well with his innocent baby face. Can't believe he is four years younger than his moody co-star Yang Yang. That man never ages. Also, word has gotten out that Lu Han (Ex-EXO member) will be playing hsi role in the movie adaption, and while they do have the same youthful qualities, I don't know if I could see Wu Xie played by any other than Yi Feng.

I FINALLY WATCHED STAR WARS. AND IT WAS SO GOOD. Okay, little background information here: Up until last year I was convinced I would stay a Trekkie forever and never go to the dark side. But my best friend bugged me about going in with her until I finally caved in. And now I am officially Star Wars trash. Still gotta watch the original trilogy though, I only watched the prequel as a child and even then my memories are hazy.
I can't believe I am such a LI Yi Feng trash that I watched his newest movie Fall In Love Like A Star. And yes, the movie itself is a s cheesy as the title sound, but at least my baby looked fine in it.
My sister and I had several movie nights this month, so I got to watch all the good stuff with her:
The live action movie adaption of one of our favorite shoujo mangas Blue Spring Ride, the absolutely hilarious action flick The Pirates and A Werewolf Boy, which made us bawl like babies at one o'clock in the morning. Seriously, I usually am not the one to cry or even shed a tear at a sad movie, but this movie totally wrecked me. I don't think I ever cried as much at something fictional since Ace's death in One Piece which is still one of the reasons why I haven't continued the anime for over three years.

The amount of required reading I have this month almost made me cry. Fortunately I found the book I have to read for German Advanced as an audiobook on YouTube, but that, admittedly, did not make the workload any more easier.
But now in my semester break (a measly four days of break, weekend included) I rediscovered my eBook from the depths of my mom's office, and with it all the books I put on hold a year ago. Which means I finally, got around finishing Cress and now I'm also almost done with Winter. A good 800 pages long, but, gah, I don't want this series to end!

EDIT 9/2: Finally got around to finish this blogpost. Anyway, I did finish Winter roughly two weeks ago and the ending was PERFECT! Haven't read such a satisfying ending in a while. Of course I went and got Stars Above, and while I only have read the last two short stories so far, I hope to finish the other stories when I'm done with my finals.
I have a German final exam coming up tomorrow, so I'm off to study for that!


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